Effective March 23, 2020

At Salem Animal Hospital, we are, as always, committed to providing the medical care your pet needs as well as providing a healthy and clean environment for your everyone. Given the recently diagnosed local cases of COVID-19, we will only be allowing our four-legged patients and staff into our building starting Monday, March 23, 2020.  Clients will no longer be allowed into the building.  This decision was made out of concern for the health of our staff and clients, without which we will not have a practice.

1. If you have an exam appointment:

Please call our office at 540-380-4638 when you arrive in the parking lot.  You will be connected with a veterinary assistant and your appointment will begin via phone.  After getting an initial history on your pet, our veterinary assistant will come out to your car and bring only your pet into the clinic.  After completing an exam, our doctors will speak to you via phone or in the parking lot with recommendations. You can also text us at 540-361-6411 when you arrive. Please include your name and your pet’s name in the text as well as make and color of your vehicle.

Once the appointment is finished, a receptionist will take payment over the phone if using credit/debit/CareCredit and our veterinary assistant will bring your pet and any medication/food to you.  If you are unable to pay with a card, an assistant will take your check/money into the hospital and bring back your change.

2. If you have a surgery (either picking up or dropping off):

Please call 540-380-4638 or text us at 540-361-6411 (please include your name and your pet’s name in the text as well as the make and color of your vehicle) and a veterinary assistant will bring the required paperwork to your car and discuss the procedure with you.  Discharges will be handled over the phone and you will be provided with a written copy of the information when your pet is brought out to your car.

3. If you need to refill a prescription:

Please allow 24-48 hours for your request to be processed.  Our staff will contact you via text, the PetDesk app or phone when the prescription is ready for pick up. When you arrive, please call our office at 540-380-4638.  We will take payment as described above and someone will deliver your items to your car.  If you need a prescription food, please call at least a week in advance to allow us time to order and receive your pet’s food.

Prescriptions and foods can also be requested online from our pharmacy and they will be shipped directly to your house.

4. Clients with Flu-like symptoms or who have COVID-19 or been in contact with someone who has COVID19:

We are asking any clients with flu-like symptoms or who have been in contact with anyone with flu-like symptoms such as fever, aches, and/or cough to reschedule any non-urgent veterinary appointments for a later time. If you are feeling sick for any reason and have an urgent veterinary need, please call our office at 540-380-4638 for instruction prior to coming to the office.

We want to assure you that even though we are not face-to-face in exam rooms we are providing the same level of care and compassion to your pet that you have come to expect from our hospital.  We also promise to remain in communication with you so that we are all actively involved as your pet’s healthcare team.

Please know that even though clients will not be permitted into the building, our cleaning and sanitizing protocols remain the same as if you were.   As always, our staff is washing/sanitizing their hands between each patient.  We have also instructed our staff to stay at home if they develop any signs of respiratory distress, fever, or cough.  We ask the same of our clients during this unusual time. We are asking out staff to wear masks and to follow the CDC’s guidelines regarding personal travel and hygiene.

Please be patient with us as we learn new ways to provide the service you have come to expect from our doctors and staff.  Be assured that these changes have not been made lightly and that our primary goal is to remain open and available so that your pets remain happy and healthy.

-The Doctors and Staff of Salem Animal Hospital